Artist's Statement - The Visceral Series, 2017 - Present

The paintings in the Visceral series reflect an internal landscape. They are a direct, intuitive, spontaneous and physical expression of my psyche and fluid emotional states.

This series evolved as I sought to uncover the underlying connections between the images that emerge as I paint, and the conscious and unconscious states of the psyche and emotions driving the colors, textures, marks, and rhythms that I choose. I came to realize that a resolution resulted from an acceptance and unification of the paradoxical and contradictory impulses inherent in the internal landscape of the mind and heart - and the revelation of beauty and harmony in the integration of these opposing forces.

The medium is primarily acrylic and mixed media on canvas, often incorporating acrylic gels and textured mediums, paint markers, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil and collaged materials.

I am continuing to explore the evocative, primal power of paint, color, and imagery.